Voice Behind the Scenes
Documentary about voice-over and dubbing of movies, 39 min, RU
Odessa Mother
Ode to a unique and beautiful Odessa, city in southern Ukraine. Pre-war chronicles. Documentary, 39 min, RU
Revealing Ballet Secrets
Ballet stars disclose the ugly truth behind the beauty of ballet world. Documentary, 39 min, RU
Jean Marais
Documentary about Jean Marais, popular french actor, painter and sculptor. Docudrama, 39 min, RU
Institute Of Modern Arts, Graphic Design Department
Video introduction to Graphic Design Department. Voluntary work for the institute I worked with
Reel 2019
Nikolay Tsiskaridze. I'm Not Like The Others
Documentary about a popular ballet dancer, millions views on YouTube 52 min, RU
Avgust's Crop Protection Department Anniversary Film
Corporate video for my regular partner
Alexander Pushkin. Poet's Major Secret.
Docudrama with reconstructions, 47 min, RU
Avgust's Reggae
Commercial of seedling fertilizer normalizing the growth
Regional adaptation and remake of Polish commercial
Avgust's Zhukoed
Avgust's Zhukoed insecticide against Colorado potato beetle TV commercial
The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath! A Favorite Movie
Documentary, a story of creation of a popular classic movie, reconstruction, 26 min, RU
Watch Out for the Automobile. A Favorite Movie
Documentary, behind the scenes, reconstruction, 26 min, RU
Galina Ulanova. Mundane Life of the Goddess
Documentary about one of the greatest ballerinas of the 20th century, 44 min, RU
Alexander Pushkin. I Shall Not Wholly Die
Docudrama with reconstructions, 52 min, RU
Georg Ots. The Audience Is Waiting
Docudrama about famous Estonian singer, 52 min, RU
Actors' Fates. Tatiana Piletskaya and Yulian Panich
Documentary, 26 min, RU
Diamond Arm. A Favorite Movie
Documentary, behind the scenes of a classic comedy film, reconstruction, 26 min, RU
Green Mark Vodka
3D product presentation
Avgust 25 Years
Image commercial
True Friends. A Favorite Movie
Documentary, behind the scenes, reconstruction, 26 min, RU
Actors' Fates. Ariadna Shengelaya and Leo Prygunov
Documentary, 26 min, RU
Broken Lives. Three Actors
Documentary, 39 min, RU
Mikhail Bulgakov. Mystery Novel
Docudrama with reconstructions, 44 min, RU
Avgust's Taboo&Terradox
Commercial with popular sitcom actors
Avgust's Biotlin
Insecticide against aphids commercial
Kommersant. Innovative Media
Publishing house image commercial
Dean Reed
Docudrama, 41 min
Röndell Kitchenware
TV commercial